Service Scope

Provide counseling service
Selecting the finest insurer
Customize coverages
for all professionals
Claim handling service
Less restriction with
competitive premium

Service Scope

1. Provide consultancy service and select the most suitable insurance company or insurer in terms of security and reputation based on the client’s maximum benefit.

2. Determine the policy’s terms & conditions and coverage, including policy wordings, in order to achieve “broad coverage, less restrictions and competitive premium.”

3. Check the policy terms for accuracy after receiving the policy from the insurance company and before delivering it to the client. Accuracy is very important because buying a policy means entering into a legal contract. One word (wording) or sentence can determine whether the insured can successfully claim for millions of loss and damages or not.

4. Represent the insured in filing the claim by coordinating with the surveyor & adjuster as well as the insurance company when an accident occurs.

5. Inform and remind the client of policy renewal before its expiry.

6. Work closely with consulting engineering firms in case of construction projects.