Claim Procedure

For Property Damage Claim

Action to be taken

  • Notify Insurer through Our Claims Service Team (as per contact details below) immediately when a loss has occurred.
  • Provide the initial information as follow:
    • Date & Location of loss
    • Cause – known or suspected;
    • Description & extent of damage including detail of damage to third party property.
  • Restore Fire Protection System as soon as possible
  • Take all reasonable precautions to prevent further damage, whilst doing so, do not remove evidence
  • Notify the police of loss when theft involved

Documents to be required (depending on the scope of each damage):

  • Begin to establish the actual cause and categories of property damaged
  • Prepare a list of damaged items with original purchase price
  • If debris removal is required, obtain the estimated expenses
  • Obtain all costs for preventive measures
  • Value of all properties at risks at the time of loss
  • Value of stock as of the loss date

For Business Interruption Claim (subject to “Material Damage Proviso/Warranty”)

Action to be taken

  • Advise the following where applicable
    • Estimated value of “Loss of Gross Profit” due to the reduction in turnover during the indemnity period
    • Estimated increase in cost of working necessarily and reasonably incurred for the sole purpose of reducing the shortfall in turnover during the indemnity period
    • All measures and/or actions to bring back or maintain the normal turnover

Documents required for Business Interruption Claim

  • Our Claims Service Team and the adjuster will assist you in preparing the information needed for claims submission.

For Public & Products Liability Claim

Action to be taken

  • Notify Insurer through Our Claims Service Team (as per contact details below) immediately of any potential Third Party Claim. When reporting a new claim, please advise & forward:
    • Name & full contact detail of Third party and/or injured person
    • Name of claimant
    • In case where injury has been alleged, provide nature & extent of allegation
    • Place & date of occurrence
    • When first claim notification made by Third party was received
    • How did you become aware of the loss i.e. in writing or verbal
    • What type of loss is involved
    • If you are aware, describe the exact cause of loss

Documents to be required

  • Specific documentation is likely to be required depending on the circumstance of claim

For other type of Claims

Please contact Our Claims Service Team (as per contact details below) for further instruction and assistance

Contact details of Our Claims Service Team

Mr. Anek Thongbu – Claims Manager

Tel.: 0 2645 0290 ext.123  

Mobile: 0 8 1827 9012



Claims Department

Tel.: 0 2645 0290 ext.119-121